Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Midterm Project

Alright, so I have actually got somewhere with my project. Startling, right? Well, here's what I have:

  • A fully functioning website (which is currently accessible) .
    • Hopefully I will get to the point where I can have it so your choices come up as links to another page (I'm not sure if it is going to allow me to do that yet).
  • A general idea of where my story is going to go once it gets started.
    • I've got some parts of the story typed up on my computer, but I can't really upload them on here without it seeming like complete nonsense. Once I have things in chronological order, they will all be on the site.

Well, I guess that's really all that I have for now. But there will be more. So, the idea of this CYOA is that you basically find yourself being introduced to this time-travel project that is in the works. Right at the beginning you are going to have a choice. Either you can offer yourself as a guinea pig or trust your instincts and decide that it is not wise to participate. But, I think that it's only obvious that I really want you guys to choose the whole time-travel aspect. And if you don't end up choosing it, the story is basically going to end up being a boring run through of a couple of normal, boring days ultimately leading to you being dissatisfied with your decision. Along the "day-to-day" storyline, you will have some bad things happen, in which case you can decide to now travel back in time to try to fix them; or if you just happen to be extremely bored with your life, you can decide to offer yourself up for the guinea pig route and have some fun.

But this is where I am at a loss. I want to know what you guys would want to do if you could travel through time. I want this to be as interactive (or even just entertaining) as possible. And, by getting your input I could use those ideas in the story. So, if you were able to go back in time, where would you like to go? what would you like to see? is there something major in your life that you would want to change?

Yeah, I guess that's really all for now. Nothing major. By the end of the weekend, when I am fully finished, I'll put up a makeshift binary tree like the ones Adam showed us in class. And then when everything is up and running I'll let you guys know so you can check out the site.

PS- If you really want to see the site, click here. So far it is pretty boring. No real content. Just some basic awesomeness.

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Adam Johns said...

I enjoyed being mocked by your web page the first time I clicked on it, although I see that it's different now.

Here's one idea for the CYOA's actual content, inspired by Mike's project. Go for some archetypes: many of us wish we could go back to get some girl/guy, for instance, or been nicer to our grandmother the year before she died, something like that.

Alternatively, you could go for a farce (think the CYOA Joy was talking about today): going back in time not for sane reasons, but in order to find a lost watch, or to order pizza from a different place, etc...

Or you could have both, of course - let the reader choose either ridiculous or profound courses.