Friday, October 12, 2007

Revision part... more

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It's not near done, but it's a very very very rough idea of what the whole thread will look like. Hopefully after this first post, there'll be more dialogue, and I haven't even started writing Adam yet.

 *rubs her hands together sinisterly*


Joy said...

Ok...let me be very honest. I am very confused. I think your are creating a thread that is a parallel to some fictional story line. The use of your name and John Adams threw me off at first. I think that your character is a mutant who is being forced to kill other mutants in order to pay her college tuition.? If so i think i might have followed the thread slightly. I would first of suggest that you preface this with some detailed information about the direction your thread has come from and where it is going. Although i don’t see a hug amount of references to outside sources, for someone who has absolutely no knowledge of mutant plots, it was slightly confusing to instantly pick up where you begin.

I am very sorry that my insight is so limited, however if i am correct in thinking that your intention is to create a fictional thread that follows an almost detached fictional plot, i think you are doing a nice job so far.

When you give background information about Nik's mother i felt that this helped me to understand Nik;s post better, and ultimately i guess get your point a little bit better too.

Please reply to my comments if you could and clear some things up so that i can give you even more feedback.

Nik said...

The gist of it is that Mac (who is a character I created on this board) is a mutant who has to kill other mutants to pay her college tuition. As a form of escapism, she has created a character on a fictional board that is very much like the one that I am writing her on.

The character she created on the fictional board is essentially me. The fictional board is based in the "real world," our real world, probably set in Pittsburgh. The "Nik" that Mac created on that fictional board has been given the assignment that we've been given.

Through those layers of narration

Me --> Mac --> "Nik" (which will ultimately lead back to me)

I'm going to try to demonstrate and analyze how this kind of fiction (i.e. forum play-by-post roleplaying) is interactive narration.

Does that help at all?

Nik said...

This, is a fuller explanation of what my intent is.