Thursday, October 11, 2007

Midterm Rough Draft- Yomi and Lance

So for me and Lance's midterm project we are creating an RPG. RPGs are an interesting way of telling a narrative because they are essentially interactive fiction. The choices you make in the game give a range of results and the ability to interact with the text in such a way, sheds light on the story, in my opinion, better than a simple novel. For the midterm we will
actually create the first chapter of the game. This will cover the technology aspect of our project.
The narrative will be embedded in the actually game and a technical document giving the background and character bios for those character we meet in the first chapter of the game.
Above is essentially the layout of the first chapter featuring 7 maps and four points of decision making the can alter the ending of the first chapter. This concept of choice making resembles CYOA except there is not as much flexibility to back track in case you feel you've made a wrong decision. The following is the Introduction to the game and some of its characters.

Long ago in the Golden of Age of discovery, the world was much different than it is now. Vessels existed that could sail the skies; You could speak to a man a thousand leagues away in an instant as I am speaking to you now. There was peace in the land; men and woman were equals in every realm; nations supported each other and worked in unison to promote progress for all of Thestra. Machines, tools of man created to aid citizens in everyday task, were critical to every nation’s existence.
On the convening of the 9th council of Thestra, Kronos Infineum presented his newest discovery; stones of unknown origins that were capable of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of machines 1000 fold. His discovery earned him the new seat of power in Thestra but at a great cost, the stones were used to create new incredibly powerful machines that far exceeded any engineer’s expectations. With the power of these stones there were no limits to what they could achieve. All things were possible including warfare and conquest. With the new power the stones provided, nations felt they no longer required interdependence on one another; Greed created strife between the nations leading to a conflict the world had never seen before.
The Great War led to the destruction of the advanced machine technology and the loss of its existence. Now the world is in darkness and who knows what the future will hold. I only hope my ancestors will keep hope alive and one day bring our people out of this darkness.  - Kronos Infineum

Character Bios
Tot Al Bamf
An orphan from the oldest city in Thestra; Tot Al Bamf is in search of himself. He possesses a prodigious fighting skill synonymous with those of higher blood, but is unaware of his origins having been raised by an old swordsman from the inner city of Qalia. Ignorant but full of potential, Tot Al Bamf is on his way to Alexandria, the oldest city of Thestra, to pursue his dream of becoming a Knight.

An inner city thief who’s cunning, skill and taste for expensive things has earned him a reputation through all of Thestra. His clepto tendencies also have earned him a very high price on his head. In search of the next greatest treasure, Vaang creates enemies in the secret organization. Brother Hood of The Spider (BOTS).

Count Dracovonfrancis
Openly a child of high birth, the count is a Leader of the secret organization The Brother Hood of the Spider (BOTS). The count is searching to unearth secrets of the past, enhancing his organizations strength and wealth in an attempt to over throw the current Government.

Sereya Halcyon
Child of a soothsayer, Sereya was born with magical abilities rare in these dark times. Specializing in the white magic, her primary attribute is healing and protection.

Lillyith Greyhawk
Sereya’s twin sister that specializes in dark magic. Her primary attribute is her good looks because everything else about her is bad ass.

Mayax Volat
Ex-member of Alexandria’s elite military squad, mayax is disillusion with the government and his actions in the military leading him on a search for his true purpose.

Points to note about the story:
The relationship of man and Machines; the strengthening of machines led to the destruction of man's civilization as they knew it - Similar to Marcus' argument
Benefits and downsides to Interactive fiction (are there any downsides? NO!)
Engineering versus magic ( Conflict first introduced in A Conneticut Yankee) What is the significance of magic and its appearance upon the dissapearance of Machines. (Or are the two related because of the stones of unknown orgin which give them their power?)


Adam Johns said...

One aspect of this project which stands out to me is that Team Awesome is for the most part accepting the conventions of the rpg genre (or specifically, the jrpg genre). That's potentially a strength and potentially a weakness.

Let's think briefly in terms of Mike's project and Alex's project. Mike does a nice job of taking some conventions and boiling them down to their essence: he's interested in the bare bones of a certain kind of narrative. Alex, on the other hand, is looking at the bare bones of interactive fiction (including CYOAs) and finding something worth making fun of.

In other words, both Mike and Alex have a deliberate relationship to the conventions of the genre.

Is there a similar way that
you (Team Awesome) can think about the conventions of the rpg and establish a deliberate relationship to them?

Yomi said...

I'm not understanding what you mean when you say deliberate relationship to them. Are you talking about CYOA's or relation ship to Alex and Mike's projects?

Yomi said...

ps i still havnt gotten my grade for blog #5

Mike K said...

With this project, I would try to write the script in a way that certain elements of RPGs stand out. Focus on the ways RPGs affect narratives, and trump up those ways. I think this is what Adam is suggesting w/ the "deliberate relationship" idea.

Have you settled on a certain style you're going to use? Is it like the old Nintendo zelda games (i.e. top-down grid movement) or something else?

When you write the character's dialogues, try to work in important details about the ways their characters interact. If it's a love story, write it so that the characters are lovable to the player. Use the old puppy-kicking technique w/ the villain to make him "super bad". If you can personify emotions and themes well in this project, you'll have your A.