Monday, October 29, 2007

Little tidbits

For as much time as I spend looking up references to stuff that we talk about in class, I figure I should post at least some of it. Otherwise, I'm letting good participation points go down the drain. Here's a few useless facts I've been saving up.

1) I knew it! You guys are saying it wrong. Check the pronunciation key:

2) Luba Luft anagrams into Full Tuba. Since Dick is obsessed w/ names, think this relates to her singing ability?

3) I thought Tiptree sounded familiar. Maybe you said it in class, but:

4) Sheldon's husband was Huntington D Sheldon. He was the director of the Office of Current Intelligence, not the CIA. Did Adam mention Alice and Huntington had a suicide pact? She shot him, then herself.

That's it for now.

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Adam Johns said...

Funny thing about the pronunciation, I should know better, since I know (a little) Greek. For some reason I was brought up saying it that way...

Wasn't OCI part of, or associated with, the CIA (at least at this point)? That's the way I understood it, but I might be wrong -- relationships between government agencies confuse me. So what I said was either an oversimplification or wrong, but now I'm curious which one it is .