Friday, October 5, 2007

preliminary response to cup of death

Hey I just want to make a few comments about the "Cup of Death". My first response to the book was "LOL". After I got over the ridiculousness of the novel, I started to think about the book as it relates to our study of Narrative and Technology and I realized its not as ridiculous as I thought it was (even though its still pretty funny. Ha). Choose your own adventure novels are pretty interesting because they do what most literature that’s studied in depth doesn’t; answer your questions. A lot of the time when I read fiction, I always wonder how things would happen if certain characters did or didn’t do something. Like I’ve always wonder what would happen if Snape didn’t kill Dumbledore; maybe Optimus Prime would have killed Dumbledore before putting the all-spark in Megatron’s chest; but Harry Potter lacks this unique narrative technique so I’ll never know.
I was upset when I first read “Cup of Death” because every decision I made the first time around led to the best possible ending; no one died and the thief of the tea cup simply handed it over and walked away from the situation unscathed. I don’t know about the rest of you but after the speaker said “Moshi Moshi” on the first page I felt he didn’t deserve to live past page 5 so I went back and put him in all the worst possible situations; resulting in his wet grave(s).

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