Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Midterm Clarification

You can turn in your midterm one of three ways.

1. Email it to me.

2. Post it on the blog (or post a link to it to the blog). If you do this, I'd appreciate an email to let me know that you've posted the final version.

3. Slip it under my office door (or hand it to me if I'm in the office) before 4:30 today. My office # is 451 in the Cathedral.

If it's simply a document, you might as well both email it to me and post it, but if it belongs online there's no reason to try to fit it into an emailable document.

Edit: it's due by 8:00 if you aren't turning it in at my office.


Emily said...

if we email it to you and/or post it on the blog its due at 6pm not 430 right?

Nik said...

I thought it was due at 8...

Adam Johns said...

Yes, it's due at 8 if you're turning it in electronically - 4:30 if in person (which probably nobody is doing).