Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog Assignment / Welcome Back / Extra Credit

13 down, 6 to go - I hope to email all of your projects back within the next couple days. Many of them are _long_, so it's taken me a while to work through them all.

As for the next formal blog, let's try something a little more open-ended: This next formal blog can be about anything you wish, as long as it has a clear argument and focuses on a single image, or small set of images, from Jimmy Corrigan. You may, if you wish, relate it to another comic, or you may simply make a focused argument about how we should understand some aspect of it (something like my analysis of the theatre page, for instance).

Now, the extra credit assignment: Anyone who completes one of the "projects" in Jimmy Corrigan and blogs about it will receive up to five extra credit point (5 if it's good, you blog about it, and you turn it over to me for my use in future semesters).


Courtney said...

do the "projects" have to be done by thursday as well?

Adam Johns said...

I'm torn. I'd like them by Thursday so we can talk about them briefly in class. Let's put it this way: for the full five points, it needs to be by Thursday. You'll still get something, though, if it's not done until the following Thursday.