Thursday, March 27, 2008

informal - a little confusing

Ok, so I am kind of confused as to whether there are 2 or 3 stories going on at once in House of Leaves. I'm not sure what the whole part about Echo and whatnot is about (maybe it is just because I was kind of bored with that part). I find Johnny extremely bizarre personal life to be much more interesting. In between trying to explain Zampano's story and curbing his odd feelings of terror and death, he still finds the time for drugs, sex, and booze. But anyways, I actually enjoy the book so far. The random squares and parts that you have to turn the book sideways to see are kind of annoying, but the story is pretty good.

I am taking a physics and science fiction class and this kind of remind me of some of the stories we have read in there. The floorplan of the house and the actual measurement not matching is really strange. We read a lot of stories in my other class about strange phenomena that take place but then discuss if they could happen in real life. It would be really interesting to know if this could really happen. It is almost like some of the stories I have read about the fourth dimension.

All of the twisting and turning in the book confuses me, but I am guessing it has something to do with representing how the mysterious hallways twists and turns and warps. I haven't figured out why the red writing is there all crossed out and what it means. Also, is there any significance with the word "house" always being written in blue? I'm sure this is bound to get much more confusing!

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