Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jimmy Corrigan "project"

Sooooo after a while of trying to get my printer to work, changing ink cartridges, and cutting out very small pieces, I finally got the project scanned and put together. I ended up making the first project. I believe it is called a zoetrope (as I saw online). I'm pretty sure I put it together right... but even if I didn't, I still managed to get it to work! A lot of effort and time went into cutting out the tiny pieces of paper. The actual construction of the project was the east part.

After I got it together it looked pretty cool. Now I understand why the instructions refer to making the project as "waking up the pieces." This is pretty much what happens when you make the project spin. You can see the metal man walking on a crutch like a cartoon, Just as you see Jimmy Corrigan on his crutch throughout the whole book. It kind of reminds me of a ride at a fair . I guess it is really just a cartoon flipbook in a different form.

I'm not quite sure why the instructions kind of strayed off at the end. Instead of explaining how to put the rest together he talks about his dad in strange ways from instructions 8-10. If anyone would like to explain that to me, it's always welcome. Even if I was a little confused by it, it wasn't too bad to make. I actually enjoy making things like that.

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