Monday, March 10, 2008

Informal Blog

Jimmy Corrigan is the first comic book I have ever read, and to be honest I did not like it a lot. However, during the class last Thursday I realized how complex this comic is, and that I was not reading it correctly. I did not pay attention to details, whether there was a frame or not, and how that affected the story. The scene in the theater for me was just another bizarre nightmare that interrupted the linear narrative, which I was trying to follow. But now, I respect the time and effort put into this comic. Another thing I like about it is its theme. It is depressing and at times disturbing, but I feel it is closer to reality than usual stories about successful, blonde, tanned people with a happy ending. Jimmy Corrigan is not pleasant to read, but it provoked a reaction and it made me think, which art is supposed to do. I do not think I will become a comic reader any time soon, but from now on I will certainly respect this medium.

Even though, I do not read comics, I watch movies based on them and I would really like to know what a true comic fan thinks about these movies and whether or not they have destroyed the original idea of these comics.


Steev said...

Most of the frustration doesn't come with the destruction of the idea, but that often they tweak things a bit.

What would be worse, if something you really liked was totally re-done in a different way, but if it was almost perfect, but changed in subtle, sometimes important, ways?

Andrea said...

I thought I was the only one reading the blog over the spring break :)

Steev said...

...I heard 'comic books' and came running ;)