Thursday, March 6, 2008

Self Evaluations

Just as a reminder, if you get a chance send me your self evaluations soon - certainly no later than the end of break.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 in two separate categories: informal blogging (which includes comments and evaluations of one another's projects) and in-class participation.

For the informal blogging, give yourself a 5 if you consistently hit a page a week, 1 if you have done very little, 3 for a little over half a page a week (on average). 2 and 4 are for somewhere in the middle.

For participation in class, give yourself a 5 if you offer multiple substantial contributions every class, a 1 if you seldom participate, a 3 if you have _something_ substantial to offer every class. 2 and 4 you can figure out from there.

If you don't like grading yourself, please let me know (/sarcasm off).

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