Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was going to post the jpeg of Kevin Carter's photograph on the blog- but then changed my mind. I feel a little conflicted about ambushing those looking on the site with the image. If you want to see the photo and read more about Carter you should look at this website:

The other photographer that I referred to in class is named James Nachtwey- his website contains many of his most-well known photographs.

If you are interested in contemporary photojournalism- or even just interested in having a visual illustration of what is described in the book- check out the websites (particularly Nachtwey's website under the "famine" heading).

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Dan said...

I did not like the one sided-ness of the latter photographers pictures concerning the conflicts (not the other disasters including starvation of children and AIDS). It showed everything from one perspective as though that side was right as opposed to the other, i.e. Israel Vs. Palestine showing a destroyed store and Palestinians mourning but Israeli daycares being bombed and mother's crying were not shown.

I just feel that his photographs give unfair and sometimes even biased accounts of conflicts and I do not agree with that on a moral level - if you show one side's civilians mourning and suffering, show the other side's civilians, too.