Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Technology and Communication/Final Project Idea

I have been thinking about my midterm project on using two different mediums (comic/music) to tell a story and found that I have been quite interested in that concept lately. I originally was planning on writing a short story and recording 3-4 songs to go along with it but there's only about a month left and I only have a few riffs music wise and would be taking on way more than I am currently capable of with that.

But this brought me to thinking how many mediums we use today because of technology to communicate with people. There is talking in person or on the phone, writing letters/email and using websites such as facebook and myspace to blog, send messages and upload photos. Recently I went on a trip to New Orleans and was thinking that I have used all of these technologies to rehash the trip to friends and family. Also there is added complexity because each of these mediums are chosen depending on what audience I was telling the story to whether it be family, friends or mere acquaintances. I thought this would be an interesting topic to do a paper on for the final project. I was wondering if anyone had some input on this because it's quite vague at the moment and I need to tighten it up a lot before actually doing the project.


Adam Johns said...

I like the idea of a short story and 3-4 songs but, you're right - that might be more than you want to tackle right now.

My biggest suggestion while you're trying to flesh out your idea about multiple media is simply to assemble whatever you can of what you produced on that trip - whatever digital media survive; you could even "reconstruct"/make up transcripts of your phone and IM conversations. All of that could serve as background or introductory material to an essay which wouldn't, therefore, be generically about the impact of different media on our lives, but on your particular life.

Does that make sense?

Tony said...

I was thinking it to be about how it affects me because I think I could write a book about this topic in a general sense.

And I really liked the idea of the short story/song which is something I may do in the future just for fun but I'm pretty sure I would be unhappy with the final product if it had to be complete in 5 weeks.