Thursday, March 6, 2008

A little bit of fun

Just wondered if anyone had seen this:

Philosophy Arcade?

In my defense, I'm just now getting into web comics. I think Questionable Content took up most of February and I just finished Crtl+Alt+Del, so Penny Arcade seemed to be the next logical step. Actually, logically, as I'm finding out, I should have started with Penny Arcade. But whatever. At least that strip in particular seemed almost meta-ishly related to this class.


Kevin said...

Ugh... you actually read CAD. It has to be one of the worst webcomics ever. They are all wall of texts used to explain obvious jokes, and every single facial expression is just a B^U

Nik said...

I guess I have little basis for comparison. Reminded me a lot of my friends, though, so that was a familiar comfort. Penny Arcade is the same way.

Maybe point me in the direction of some better stuff?

Adam Johns said...

Since we had the previous thread about Dungeons and Dragons, here's a strip that's pretty good if at some point in your misspent youth you played some D&D:

Also, here's a quick story. When I spent several weeks a summer in Yellowstone as a kid, one way we'd entertain ourselves when not hiking was by altering comics.

Our best creation was "Zen Nuts": you take a Peanuts strip, then cross out words until you get zen-like wisdom. It pretty much always works. We also usually did "Murder Circus" - the family circus altered to include lots of blood, knives, etc.

In that spirit, I have two suggestions:

Garfield minus Garfield, which a couple of us were talking about yesterday - it's a vastly better comic than the real thing:

The Nietzsche Family Circus. There are too many Family Circus parodies to count - one of my favorites reinvents the Dad as a raging alcoholic - but this is the only one on the web that I'm familiar with. This one keeps the original image, but replaces it with a quote from the philosopher Nietzche:

Kevin said...

Good nerd humor.
A webcomic of romance,sarcasm, math and language.

Droop and Perry Bible Fellowship are good for some strange humor.