Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Project: Proposal

In order to have a head start, I have already been thinking about a final project and I should like to propose an idea here which I can use for the final project.

I have been looking at video game evolution, or the evolution of popularity and culture of video games. I remember my early child hook and video games I used to play in the very early 90's such as the Monkey Island Series, Indian Jones Series, Loom, Day of the tentacle, Sam & Max or the one with Zach (whatever that one was called). These games were all part of a common genre: Adventure. Adventure games were always based on puzzle solving with a strong story line. They were competing for the market over video games with early (and very primitive) FPS games such as Wolfenstein and Doom that had absolutely no narrative elements. Almost 20 years later now, adventure games are virtually extinct and FPS games have become very popular. Today a lot of the FPS games have strong narrative elements and story lines, like Half Life 2, Bioshock or even the Splinter Cell series and some FPS games have optional narrative elements such as Doom 3.

The question I should like to answer or at the very least consider is why this change happened? Perversion of culture? Different age market? Natural and normal societal evolution? Improvement of technology? Which is it and why?

What's everyone think?

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