Thursday, March 27, 2008

informal post, okay so far

Have you ever been the only one at a party not drunk? Nothing seems to make any sense, everyone is screaming and running around, it seems like chaos, but only to you. People tell you something that they think is hilarious but you really have no idea what they are talking about. Along the same lines, have you ever been with a group of friends having a conversation and have no idea what is going on. Then you realize that they are all high. This is the exact feeling I get when I read this book. I feel like some things make no sense because I am not on whatever the author was on when he wrote it. I attribute much of the randomness of the book to this.

Besides the occasional confusion I am enjoying the book so far. I like the off the wall stories and wild occurrences. For example the story he was telling in a bar about his scars was awesome. Then at the end he abruptly ended it by saying that it was completely fabricated and that he has never boxed before. I found that hilarious how detailed he went in the story and then admitted to making up the whole thing.

The house dimension thing that he was describing really intrigues me and I have heard some other things about weird science before. Although some of his scientific equations do not make any sense to me it proves that he has some sense of what he is talking about. I guess it just adds a feeling of legitimacy. I hope that I enjoy the rest of the book as I do the beginning part. Although i am confused at a lot of what is written it seems to be a perpetual state in my life so i am used to it.

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