Thursday, April 3, 2008

Brian's proposal

For my final project I would like to do a video blog of my experiences with House of leaves. For the video blog I plan on doing a lot of research into real life links in the book. (i.e. I found that Will Navidson is based off of an actual photographer Kevin Carter) I want the blog to also reflect Johnny's demeanor as he progresses through me. (i.e. obvious paranoia, delusion).


Tony said...

I think that would make for an interesting project. I especially like the idea of reflecting Johnny's demeanor especially if it is intertwined between entries about the research which is how the book is laid out.

Adam Johns said...

If I understand the concept correctly, this would almost be like yet another layer to HOL; you would be commenting on Johny, like Johny on Zampano and Zampano on Navidson. There's also an interesting irony in the move back to video (with all the problems that doing so raises).

So on one level it's quite interesting. But it raises a big question, and I think it would be very helpful to answer that question before proceeding. Zampano is a film critic, and Johny, despite his language, is something of a literary critic: they both have a point of view, even an argument (or set of arguments) about the narratives. What's your critical take, or implicit argument, on HOL?

Adam Johns said...

Also, to clarify - the fact that you want to do research into some of the real-world antecedents implies that your argument (implicit or otherwise) will have something to do with those antecedents. Something along the lines of "If we pay attention to the body of Carter's work, we should understand HOL in this way, as follows..."