Thursday, April 10, 2008

Final Project Proposal

I've been pondering this project for a really long time..and it's been really bothering me. I'm going to write what I have so far and then I'd appreciate some input from you guys because I plan on getting it done early next week. I really like the idea of telling a narrative in different creative ways. I think I somehow want to incorporate all of the different kinds of narrative we have studied in class, or maybe just House of Leaves and Jimmy Corrigan into my own narrative, if that makes sense. I want to do a sort of House of Leaves thing where I tell it from different perspectives, and include also different ways of telling it. I hope that makes some sense because it makes sense in my head I just have a hard time putting it on paper. When I find a better way of wording it, I'll be sure to post.

And let me just say, House of Leaves is getting crazy. It's getting even more confusing and harder to read. Sometimes I can't even find the footnotes, and like what Brian said, the missing text also makes it difficult..not to mention how we have to keep turning the book upside down and such. As frustrating as I might be reading it sometimes, I still really enjoy it and that is why I wanted to incorporate it into my final project. I'm excited to see the discussions it brings about tonight.

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Adam Johns said...

Well, of course I'm always on board for creative projects rooted in HOL, at least in the abstract.

One thing we've been talking about (this relates, for instance, to Tony and Sean's projects) is that there is a positive relationship between form and content in HOL; the form is the content, and vice versa, is one version of that thought.

So, what is your story, and what does it stand to gain from being told in an HOL-like style?