Friday, April 4, 2008

Tony's Final Project Proposal

I refined my project idea a bit since class last night.

First and foremost it will be a narrative of March 2008 which includes a trip to New Orleans, visits to grad schools and subsequent decisions about them, the start and end to something that kinda resembled a relationship and my insanity trying to complete my senior thesis among other things. But the entire story will be told by telephone/AIM/face to face talking/email/text message transcripts, links to my myspace blog and facebook pictures and Ipod playlists.

Sorta working in House of Leaves, this narrative will be accompanied by two layers of footnotes. First of which will be my commentary on the events as described by the above methods. Second will be a critical essay on why each technology was used to tell different parts of this story. The main point of this will be to emphasize how the audience plays a key role in the choice of the technology and what parts of the story are told whether it was preconceived or just worked out that way.

I'm open to anymore comments anyone may have.

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