Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Last Words

  1. I'm now done reading rough drafts, unless we've made some kind of prior arrangements, or unless I've emailed you an offer to read another draft.
  2. My grade book is now all nice and tidy, and I can't remember to whom I've sent recent blog grades. So if you want me to send your grades, send me an email.
  3. Guidelines for self-evaluations on informal blogs:
    1. Give yourself a 5 if you always post a page or so a week of useful material.
    2. A 4 if you average close to a page, but sometimes fall short.
    3. A 3 if you regularly post informal blogs, but their total length is something like half what they should be.
    4. A 2 if you occasionally post something, but it's nothing to be proud of.
    5. A 1 if you simply don't do it.
  4. Guidelines for self-evaluations on in-class participation
    1. Give yourself a 5 if you have several productive things to say every class.
    2. A 4 is appropriate if you speak more than most people, but you're not entirely consistent.
    3. A 3 is appropriate if you say something useful every class, but seldom go beyond the minimum.
    4. A 2 if you occasionally have something to say.
    5. A 1 if you don't speak in class.
  5. DUE DATES (you've heard it before, but it's important, so I'm reminding you):
    1. Your projects need to be posted by noon on Thursday if you want comments (which in any case are likely to be less detailed than they were for drafts)
    2. If you don't need comments of any sort, I'll accept them by noon on Saturday.
    3. Anything beyond noon on Saturday needs to be negotiated individually and in advance.

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