Thursday, April 3, 2008

Joe Liu's final proposal

I am proposing to continue my midterm CYOD project for the final project.

Some additional features I may try to include:
-try to make the storyline more overlapping like in an actual Choose your own Adventure
-try to include more interactivity which engages the reader to a greater degree.
For example, ask the reader to play an online game. The reader’s score dictates the event that will occur next.
-incorporate more random events that will change depending on the specific reader.
For example, the reader’s eye color (or height, age, etc) will dictate the event that will occur next.

Since I wrote the midterm regarding a female, the final project will be written about a male. Therefore, both guys and girls in the class can have a character they can relate to when playing this “game.”

Thanks! Please let me know if anyone has suggestions.

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