Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Words, more or less, regarding Rough Drafts and the end of the semester

  1. I have finally finished reading all the drafts I have received. A couple are still outstanding; since I'll be checking the blog less often for the next couple days, those of you remaining should email me in addition to posting your draft on the blog. The same goes for anyone hoping that I'll have a look at one more version before you post the final draft (it might happen, it might not, but it never hurts to ask).
  2. If you want comments, I need to have the final versions by noon next Thursday. If you don't care, as late as noon on Saturday will be fine. But remember - no comments means no comments, for real. Just a grade.
  3. Everyone (except Chris, as a conscientious objector) should evaluate themselves a second time on participation - one score for in-class participation, a second for informal blog entries in the second half of the semester (on a scale of 1 to 5). The guidelines are the same as last time - I'll post them again when I get around to it. This is also due by noon on Saturday. I'll grade you if you don't evaluate yourself, but again, you just need to accept your grade then - no questions or second-guessing if you don't feel like doing a self evaluation.
  4. If you want to do each other a favor, and be able to justify a good self-evaluation in the process, you should spend some time adding your insight to people's rough drafts. You showed in class on Thursday that most of you can do this well - so do it! If enough people do it, most of you will probably end up with better grades as a result.
  5. Good luck on your finals!

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