Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rough draft update

I thought I'd post a facebook/myspace of two of my characters.

This is the writer.

and this is the victim.  Its just a .jpeg file.

I'm having trouble filling them out completely.  Making a very 3D character is tough.


Adam Johns said...

I think the guy, at least, is reasonably well rounded. Maybe a little more sense of his personal history would be a helpful - and, on a more trivial note, I think his musical tastes could be a little more disturbing (to stay in the 90s vein where you have him, Skinny Puppy would be one nice choice, strictly by way of example).

Adam Johns said...

Whoops, posted too soon. I do think the woman's character is a little flat - doing it as a fake page with some blog entries or something would help, although I'm not sure it should be your highest priority.