Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Final Project Proposal

I am going to be very lame and choose Dr. Johns’ Propmt#2 for my final project. Since I heard about this exhibition for the first time in my life for Jimmy Corrigan it will be interesting to do some research and learn more about it. What I have found so far looks impressive for 1893. But, because I read Jimmy I have pretty gloomy picture about this exhibition and what it meant for US societies. So, no matter what I am reading about this exhibition, how glorious it all was, how much it cost, who participated, this little voice in my had is telling me “remember it all ends with McDonalds”. I am not sure I can be objective while researching this topic, but maybe that is something what I could write about. After reading Jimmy World’s Columbian Exhibition does not look impressive.
And for Tesla this exhibition did not turned so great. He defeated Edison, but his plans did not work out and he dyed after in total misery. Really sad.

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Adam Johns said...

It's not lame! You convinced me to offer the option, and it sounds like you're doing good research, so there's nothing lame about it. Actually, it seems like you have a very clear way to make the topic your own, by focusing not just on the fair itself or even its relationship to Jimmy Corrigan, but on the fact that you have a "dog in the race," that is, that your objectivity has become compromised.

Incidentally, the very idea of objectivity certainly owes something to more or less ocntemporary media technologies...

It sounds like it's going well - I look forward to the draft.