Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Project proposal

I am going to try and build off of my last formal blog. I wrote about how questioning many things in HOL would be a good thing and how there are so many questions that we may never find the answers to.

My idea was to attempt to answer one of the questions that could arise from HOL.
I have a problem though... I'm not sure which question would be worthwhile and interesting to write a 5 page paper about. I'm sure many of the questions people could think of would be interesting, but I need something that I could even attempt to come up with an answer for (even if it is an off the wall answer that needs much revision).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Adam Johns said...

Don't worry too much about whether a question is good enough. Ask some questions which interest _you_, then start to answer them. If one seems particularly interesting, post about it.

Other people are doing this effectively. For instance, take Noa's project proposals - she's beginning with the broad question (I paraphrase) "What's the deal with the quotes at the beginning of chapters," and proceeding from there.

Some of the questions you asked in the post to which you're referring are certainly good ones, too.

Here's one for you, though.

Why did Danielewski select the people he did to be "interview subjects" in Chapter XV (or, if you prefer, why did Karen select them)? We can do different things with the novel if we think of, e.g., Steve Wozniak or Stephen King as being an important figure within it.