Wednesday, April 9, 2008

House of Leaves as Interactive Fiction: Final Project Proposal

As I stated in class I plan on writing an essay about House of Leaves as a form of interactive fiction. I will address the ideas of decoding messages, moving the book to read text, the shape of the text ect. I plan to do this by first briefly addressing what makes something interactive fiction, I understand that this alone could make a very long paper so I’ll only touch on the subject in order to establish a definition to base my paper on. As for a counter argument I will address how House of leaves is not truly interactive fiction.

I haven’t begun researching yet, but I believe my thesis will be something roughly “House of Leaves is a complicated book that does much to interact with the reader. For reasons X, Y and Z House of Leaves can be considered a form of interactive fiction.

I’ll probably start my research with House of Leaves and find points in the book that involve the reader on level that is not simply reading the text. I’ll probably look at the CYOA books we had and compare them as well as maybe a comparison to video games. I don’t plan on doing much with the video game references in the book and plan instead to focus more on how the book makes you interact with itself.

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Adam Johns said...

This is a good proposal, and a solid-sounding project. My one observation at this point is that you should answer, implicitly or explicitly, this question: "Why does it _matter_ that HOL is interactive fiction?"