Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rough Draft - Delayed

Its almost midnight and I haven't begun typing anything for my rough draft and still have much to study for my Animal Physiology class tomorrow as well as my Human Physiology test. Not making excuses but I'd rather take the hit of missing 5 points in this class rather than missing a 100 pt exam in another. Anyway I've decided to settle on the symbolism behind the Golden Arches because I found the reference in Jimmy Corrigan interesting. I found a few articles about what people in foreign countries think about McDonalds when they see the Golden Arches have moved into town. Also I found just an odd idea (off wiki) that the USA has never gone to war against a country that has a McDonalds. So I'd like to spin my argument around the different perceptions of what the Golden Arches mean in different cultures and how Americans tend to center around symbols such as the Golden Arches as a symbol of American Identity, whether it be a positive or negative identity in other cultures.

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Adam Johns said...


In case I forget to tell you in class, send me an email as soon as you're done with your draft, to make sure I get to it as soon as I can. That will help ensure that you get at least some feedback before the final version is due.