Friday, April 18, 2008

Joe Liu FINAL exe file and text

Hi Everyone,
So I just finished my final project and compiled it, and I am going to post it now along with the text.

After I receive some comments on it, I will make any necessary corrections and post it next week with a short informal essay.


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Adam Johns said...

Finally got to it!

First, it's funny, just like the last one - lots of good lines, lots of gore and bloodshed, lots of gratuitous references to this class (I guess standards have changed in modeling agencies!). There's a lot to be enjoyed just at that level - at least for a few play-throughs, it does work as a game.

Second, despite everything I liked, I don't think you're doing much beyond what you did in the first game. The maze of doors is a nice addition; I like the idea of incorporating tetris _in theory_, but in practice it doesn't work - you don't give us an in-game reason why we should need to go out of game. Good idea, but it doesn't work yet.

So here's my question to you - can you think of additional ways in which the second game can push the first one farther? The obvious goal, as you've been pursuing it all along, is to find additional innovative ways of resolving decisions or directions in the game.

Another that I'd be happy with is simply pushing your programming skills farther in some way that would improve the game - for instance, remove the all caps restriction, and begin to add at least a few zork-like features.

Think, in other words (without rewriting everything you have here) of how you can push yourself in at least somewhat different directions from last time.

One weird possibility - have the two games interact in some way - by which I mean that we could be asked to play both simultaneously, then at certain points in each game a decision could be made based on where we are in the other game...