Thursday, April 17, 2008


Could someone tell me how to post a link to a word document perhaps? I feel stupid not knowing, but oh well. I don't have much on my rough draft, but I've been working on it more and more and I'd like to post it to get some feedback before it is due next week. Thanks!!!


Adam Johns said...

Hi Meg,

If you have a gmail account, it's very easy - just go to, log in using your gmail account (if you aren't logged in already), upload a file, then there's a menu called "Share" which will let you, among other things, publish it as a web page - you might be able to sent it directly to the blog instead.

Also, you can just cut and paste it, then hopefully spend a couple minutes fixing the formatting.

Hopefully that helps...

Adam Johns said...

As a partial demonstration, here's the commented version of your project: