Saturday, April 5, 2008

Final Project Proposal

Am planning on writing an essay for my final project, am thinking of writing about the philosophical and theological aspects of house of leaves, exploring how God, echo, sound, perception, space and time all are crucial elements in the book.

I plan to narrow this down, as it can quickly become a broad topic, I am drawing on chapter 5 as my focal point and supporting it with chapters 3 and 10 hopefully I’ll add more chapters by the time am done. Please offer any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

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Adam Johns said...

Maybe you've already been through this thought, but to continue with my emphasis on the idea (rooted in the Gospel of John, although there are earlier sources) of God as Logos (word), here's the obvious question which in some ways may be explored in Danielewski.

If God is the word, then what is the echo of that word?