Monday, April 21, 2008

Joe Liu Final Project

Hi Everyone,
I am turning in my final project. In these links, I have the .bas file, .exe file, the informal essay, and the concept map for the story.

I am turning in everything pretty early! I hope to end my finals week early this week, so that is why.

Thanks for everything y'all! The class was a good time, and I hope everyone has a fantastic summer. Good luck in finals!


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Adam Johns said...

Just a few quick comments this time around.

1) Your essay really helped to clarify your goals for this version of the project; before reading the essay, it seemed like more of a repetition of the first project than it really is.

2) The other games work much better than tetris did - although I'm curious how many players would actually go and play the game rather than simply giving a response. Also, it's not surprising that you had problems getting Quickbasic to launch a web page - very likely it's possible, but since QB is older than the web, there's certainly not going to be any easy way of doing it. Which really is just a reminder of the fact that you did a lot of work here learning programming.

3) Using the marker was a good idea, but it's easy to play through many times without catching on to what it's good for - some of your new techniques might have been used a little more prominently.

4) I would have liked more, either in the game or in the essay, about why you're incorporating HOL and Twain...

5) I find this game both clever and amusing - I certainly didn't mind playing it through a few times!

6) I still think it would be interesting to package both games together - it would have added a lot with relatively little effort.