Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Project Proposal - Sean

Adam suggested a detective story in the style of House.  After having a lot of fun mimicking that style in that blog entry, I would really like to do something along these lines.  I don't like detective stories, but I have something in mind that a little more introspective and dramatic.

Also I would like to incorporate the essay proportion of the project within the project (i.e. editor footnotes).  The critical aspect might focus on the different perspectives or how the style is helping the story.

Now that I've thought about it, I'm thinking of reconstructing a crime story using mock newspaper articles, blog, facebook profile, etc.  This is coming from my personal experience of having to construct the story/narrative of what happened in recent tragedies (VT shootings, NIU, Eve Carson, even 9/11).  These were mid to high profile crimes that I never experienced or actually talked to people first hand, I just saw newscasts or read new-stories/blogs about them.  

Personally I feel that through these (real life tragedy articles)  I have constructed a story, but I had to fill in the details I didn't know.  An example of this would be give characterization to the actors in the news story.  What was the victim like?  How could the perpetrator do that?  I feel that using a style similar to Danielewski would allow me to construct this story in the fashion I would want to tell it.

Lastly, as I've thought about the media that this topic/theme should take, I believe an HTML or .pdf would be the best.  I feel hyperlinks would be crucial in referencing these mock pages or articles.

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