Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chem Majors in this class?

Interactive Fiction described in Quantum Mechanics:
I think someone else said they were a chem major in the class.  I was just wondering if someone who understood what I was talking about could understand the analogy I made about Degrees of Freedom and the amount of choices in a CYOA book. 
I just think in this way a lot.  You might find it weird, but I'd like to make the analogy that the number of decision and the level of freedom is comparable to the degrees of freedom you have in molecules in chemistry.  For example a book has a distinct beginning and end and one line of travel, while a CYOA would
 have more degrees of freedom.  This would would be like a single atom with only electronic levels compared to a molecule with a dipole moment and vibrational energy levels.  
I could go on, but I feel nerdy enough.  If someone could give me some feedback?  Maybe I'm way off base.

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Tony said...

We do degrees of freedom all the time in binary and tertiary phase diagrams in material science...they make my head hurt....but ya I see where you're coming from.