Sunday, February 17, 2008

Formal Blog Assignment #6

Yes, I did misnumber last time.

Option #1: After a thorough reading of Night of One Thousand Boyfriends, including doing a chart such as the ones I showed you (if you can figure out a way of posting that, by all means do so, but this probably won't be practical for most), discuss correspondences between its
form (that is, its decision tree) and its content. You may choose to also discuss whether its decision tree corresponds in any way to the shift (from other CYOAs) to more or less adult subject matter. Display a detailed understanding of the book.

Option #2: Find and play another game (besides Zork 1) in the interactive fiction tradition. How to find one? Google "Interactive Fiction Archive" - that will give you a wealth of instructions, games, etc. Play one, hopefully a modern one, for several hours, until you have a sense of how it works. Write a blog entry (involving specific events in the game) in which you assess its degree of interactivity in relationship to Zork and the CYOA books we have read.

Option #3: Making use of details of the text of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, do the following:

a) Assess the impact that technology has upon representation (which you may want to define) in the world of the novel.
b) At least initiate a discussion on whether or not you see a relationship between the impact of technology upon representation in the world of the novel, and the impact of technology upon representation in the real world.

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