Monday, February 18, 2008

Mid-term project.

Alright, here's my idea. I want to write an employee handbook for a futurist company. With a small essay (possibly) . It think I could get pretty satirical and creative. So, what do you think?


Adam Johns said...

Can you elaborate? For what it's worth, I love this as a thumbnail idea, but the devil is in the details.

Also, do you mean a company in the future, or a literally futurist company, that is, a company in the business of predicting and presumably managing the future?

One Last Caress said...

A company in the future. I want to tell story (narrate) using an employee handbook as my technique.

I was to describe, an obviously, Dystopian society through the views of a corporation -- who's views would ultimately lead any simple minded employee to believe that they (the company) are paving the way for a Utopian society.

A sample:

(The new employee orientation manual)

Section A.1 - The building

The building is grown from a genetically engineered plant, or tree to be more specific. The "Office Tree" is designed to grow cubicals, desks, doors, walls, windows, and quite comfortable seating.

The "Office Tree" is also designed to handle plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and lighting. The "Office Tree" was engineered to handle building expansion and parking garages.
((((I'll expand this a little later)))

Section A.5 - Policies on sexual harassment.

In order to halt sexual harassment employees, upon employment, will be outfitted with a neural device causing an altered form of castration. The neural implant (E-lab IV model 203.56 [otherwise known as a frontal lobe catalyst]) will render the employee unable to think sexually during corporate hours.

The form of castration accompanied with this implant will not inhibit sexual performance. It will, however, render the employee sterile.

To address problems that may accompany this, an on-site facility has been installed for the collection of eggs and sperm -- so that the employee may reproduce whenever he or she please to do so.

One Last Caress said...

Bah... after your latter assumption of what I was intending to write (a company in the business of predicting and managing the future)... I feel... my idea is a bit commonplace. I still really want to go with it.