Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Midterm Project

I'm running into an inherent limitation in the short film medium, which is the pragmatics of actually shooting it and editing are difficult and time consuming.  I really want to focus on the medium and its interactivity.  So I think I'm going to use a really simple story with one actor.  This is because coordinating many college kids for the time frame needed is very difficult during midterms (or any other time for that matter).  I want to have different types of choices, and use the video/DVD media in a different way than traditional means.  This would be more of an experiment in media rather something involving a quality story.   This is not to say that the story will not be affected, it will just be a simpler affect.  For example if the character chooses to stay at home or leave.  This can be compared to a normal narrative where the author decides what the character does.  Another example of a question to be answer would be how does the method of having the viewer make choices in a DVD menu affect the flow of the story?  Where does this fall on the continuum between novel and video game?

Any feedback?


Adam Johns said...

Limited feedback, I guess - better than nothing.

Keeping it simple is smart. You can always make it more complicated later.

This is one reason, I think, Mike last semester did a computer-generated film. He didn't need to coordinate people that way.

My biggest piece of advice right now is to not worry about those abstractions you get into at the end: these are the sort of questions best answered (in an essay, maybe? Or not) after you've put the film together.

One Last Caress said...

If you need help with DVD menu creation and editing, I may be able to lend a hand. I had to do something similar for some roommates a couple years back.