Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rock Band (informal post)

Being a guitar player I never really got into guitar hero because it just didn't seem right and I could not think of it as a game rather than an instrument. Eventually I tried rock band and it feels a lot more realistic. After buying it and setting everything up I noticed that it had a story mode, but instead of it giving you the story it lets you build your own and taloir it to reality as much or as little as one wishes. You create your own character which can get pretty realistic...mine's a striking resemblance other than the neon blue mullet. You can also buy your own guitar, which I have my dream daphne blue 1962 Jaguar with red shell pick gaurd. And then you form a band with friends (Spage-Aged Toothpaste Redeemers) and start your way to glory passing milestones on the way. There has been several games that have used this technique in the past for a story line but with new technologies these are becoming more prevalent. There are some games out where you can even upload a photo or yourself and create a mirror video game image of yourself. When each person plays the game the story line can be completely different whether it comes through the game itself or in the persons mind. I think this is an interesting concept compared to other games which can have much more structured involved story lines because of the same technologies (i.e. Assassin's Creed which I still need to start). So with the advance of video gaming A.I. and graphics many different spins can be taken from it.

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