Monday, February 18, 2008

Mid-Term idea Eric B.

My idea for the mid-term project is to compare how the depth of the narrative as increased as the technology of games has increased. I will be looking at Zork with it's lack of a story and interactive-fiction with it's limited interactivity. Then I'll move to Myst which I think is the next step forward in the interactive narrative gaming, introducing a story and a visual based adventure. Finally I'll look at the resent Elder Scroll's games along with a few other resent rpgs.

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Adam Johns said...

That sounds good - let me give you two minor cautionary notes.

1) Since most people consider rpgs and IF (interactive fiction) to be different things, you need to work a little to explain why you're dealing with them together. I absolutely think you can do it, you just need to justify it.

2) Be mildly careful about letting Zork stand in for IF as a whole; even many of Infocom's other games were very story driven. Look at 1-2 more too.

Sounds good!