Thursday, February 28, 2008

Progress on rough drafts

Before I say anything, I have to admit that the versions on "rough" - rough like shark skin, rough like sandpaper - are a perfect reminder of why I _like_ using a blog in this class.

All your drafts have merit, but all of them need lots of work - work hard, and help each other as best you can with your comments. I'll do my best through the weekend and into the week to look at your work, but the earlier you post something new, the more likely I'll get to glance at it.

I've now read everyone's that was in on before now except Eric's, Chris's, and Sean's. I'll read those tomorrow, hopefully early in the morning. My intention is to send you all of your grades in the next few days. If I don't (say, by Monday), please feel free to remind me.


Kevin said...

Rather then send you an e-mail..

I haven't received any grades for my blog posts save the first one.

my email address is


Meg Patton said...

I actually haven't recieved any grades either.