Tuesday, February 19, 2008

midterm project - patchwork girl

My roommate took a narrative and technology class last semester but did completely different work. I remember she used to talk about the work she needed to do. One of her assignments to was to read a hypertext story called Patchwork Girl. From the explanation she gave me, I guess it is a spin-off of Frankenstein. It is sort of like a choose your own adventure, but you make it through the whole story, eventually making it to one ending.

I was going to go through this and try to analyze it. I figured I could talk about how it relates to narrative and technology (like what we had to write about for one of our blogs). I could also compare and contrast it to the actual CYOA books that we have gone over. I'll add a few other points about it as well after I read it.

I thought this could be a good start since I'm not to good with creating things on computers!

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Noa said...

I'm not good with creating things on computers either, so this seems like a good idea. Since it's sort of interactive fiction you could compare it to the CYOAs that we read or even zork. I think it's a great idea, plus I think it would be interesting.