Thursday, February 21, 2008

Midterm project

I was kind of distraught over figuring out what to do but I have something to start with. I want to write a choose your own adventure book for college age students..having to do with our live. I think I could make it really creative and interesting, but I wanted to incorporate technology a little more if possible. If anyone has any suggestions for that. I was thinking maybe it could take place in the future. I also need a topic for an essay to go along with it and I was thinking something along the lines of, can a fiction novel be interactive and on what levels. I think that might be too broad though. Tell me what you think please. Thanks.

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Adam Johns said...

As far as incorporating technology - setting it in the future is one idea (would it be a dystopia? utopia?). Another idea is to focus, either seriously or sarcastically, on the impact of technology on your lives. "A Cyborg Manifesto" might actually help with that.

One related thought - ten years ago this class, as it exists, wouldn't have been practical.

As far as the essay, one starting point is to ask yourself a couple question:

* What do I mean by interactive?

* Why do I want it to be interactive? What do I value in interactivity?

An essay wouldn't be just an attempt to answer these questions, but they could help...