Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Informal post....written in San Diego

I wanted to do a informal post because I had to be out on Thursday but between frantically finishing my poster (2nd place!) and traveling across the country it's being done now that I'm finally in my hotel room and not in interviews and dinners and such.

I very much enjoyed the ending of DADOES where the two characters stories finally came together. It reminded me a lot of the graphic novel I am reading for my midterm project but I'll write about that on the plane ride home tomorrow evening so it's done for Thursday. But I thought it was interesting how the androids became more human by the end of the story. So even though they could be looked at as victims escaping a slave like environment at the beginning of the story, they really become easy to empathize with towards the end when Rebeca and Pris told their stories. One other thing I was glad to find out was that Buster was an andy because I had my suspicions the whole book. When that was discovered Mercerism was also shown to be a hoax. Even with this discovery John and Rick were both still affected by Mercer in a positive way. I think this is an interesting point relating to religion. Whether you are Christian, Muslim or even a Scientologist, the point of a religion isn't so much it being real as much as you believe in it and the morals it expresses. Even when John, a special, found out Mercer was not real, after being given the presumably fake spider he felt the same as if he was real.

One other quick comment I wanted to make was I have never really read a comic book before taking this class (I read Sunday comics all the time). Between the one I am reading for my project and Jimmy Corrigan, I really enjoy how fun and quick they are at telling stories because all the imagery used in writing isn't necessary because of all the illustrations. I'm definately a new fan.

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Adam Johns said...

I'm happy to take credit for getting you to read comic books.

The empathy point is interesting. It's worth noting (as we talked about in class, which you had to miss) that PKD _was_ religious, but very eccentrically so. He basically believed in a gnostic version of Christianity, which is premised on the notion that the material universe _is itself_ a kind of lie - so for gnostics, a little lie here and there isn't that big of a deal...

Congratulations on 2nd place, by the way.