Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mid-Term Project Interactive DVD

Ok, so after figuring out that interactive quicktime files take more learning than I can do in three weeks, I thinking of an interactive DVD.  After reading Cup of Death, I realized in the back of the book, there was a Choose Your Own Adventure Movie just like my idea.

Now for the story.  I still don't have any coherent idea.  Just a few thoughts involving the internet, class, food, studying.  I think something simple would be best.  But I would really appreciate anything.  

I'm debating if this should be shot "first person"  or third person, but right now I think it should be a combination of both.

1 comment:

Adam Johns said...

I'm thoroughly on board with the idea. Are you going to get a copy of the CYOA dvd to see how it does it? Just curious.

As far as the story, sadly, you're on your own - but by all means look at what others have done.