Friday, February 8, 2008

Joe Liu's midterm project proposal

Hi everyone.

I was thinking about doing a "write your own adventure" things but in a powerpoint format . . . what do you think about that?

Also, I was thinking about doing something like writing through Hank in the 6th century. Something like that.

Suggestions? Comments? Don't be afraid to tell me so if you think my ideas are dumb, haha.

Thanks in advance!


Sean Dolinar said...

I like the idea. There's a lot of possibilities for links, sounds, and movies in that too. You could also do interesting things with text, like that weird book we have to read.

One Last Caress said...

How about writing through Hank in the 23rd century? That sounds really difficult...

Adam Johns said...

I'm fine with the idea as well, but here's a simple question. What do you hope to gain from using Powerpoint (maybe Sean's answers are yours, but I'd like to hear your version). What does Powerpoint offer that you value?