Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tony's Rough Draft

Here's the link to my word document for my rough draft. It is set up in 15 sections but I only have half of them complete at the moment, the four at the end are the only ones where a new idea comes into play. I still need to source everything which I'm working on at the moment. Any comments are appriciated.


Brian said...

Hey how did you link your page through the pitt website? that seems fairly convenient

Tony said...

You ftp it to your public folder under a subfolder titled 'html'. You can use wsftp to do this which is found in the computer lab. As long as your project is under like 4.5 megs it'll be fine. I have a larger directory because of my freshman engineering class.

Adam Johns said...

Here's a link to a version of your paper with my comments.

Eric B. said...


The paper that I'm making comments on is the one that Adam also made comments on.

Music that is composed as an expression of a written work isn't entirely a new concept. Movements and melodies are used to capture the feelings that are expressed throughout a story. The Lord of the Rings Symphonic Suite was composed based off of Howard Shore's interpretations of the books.

I think that this relate to your paper because music is a completely different media for telling a story. I mentioned the LOTR suite because Coheed and Cambria's music is structured much like a symphonic suite. You started to mention at times that the lead vocals would be sung and then repeated by back up vocals. This is a very common technique used in arranging, used to really drive the importance of that melody deeper. I think a more in-depth explanation of how all of the voices in the band have an effect on the story being told. A possible example could be the chanting at the end of Welcome Home. I've never read the novel but from just listening to the song, I have a feeling that this is a very emotional part of the story. I feel this way because all of the voices a in unison at times, causing the listener to be completely absorbed in what is going on.

Another thing I think that could be explored deeply is how a book and music are contrasted in the use of verse and chorus. Books often say something once and that is it. I think exploring why certain passages are made into chorus that are heard repeatedly throughout a song could help with your topic.

I think you have a very interesting topic. I'm a pretty big Coheed and Cambria fan, so I found this quite interesting. I never knew that Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV Volume 1: From Fear through the Eyes of Madness was based off a novel.

Adam Johns said...

I'm not particularly good at writing about music, so I'm particularly impressed by Eric's comments (mainly in the middle). He's asking, in part, that you find a way of talking about the music _as music_ in more detail -- and you also have the challenge of talking about the comics _as comics_. That's challenging, but also an absolutely great insight.