Thursday, February 14, 2008

Midterm Project Panic

Let me start out by saying that this midterm project creating a lot of anxiety for me.
I'm struggling to find a Project Medium that will fit the only topic that I have in mind. Whereas most people seem to be falling back on writing a Choose your own adventure, I am unable to because I am an abysmal creative writer.

So basically the only idea in mind right now is to compare the the Novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" to the movie adaptation "Blade Runner". Basically discussing the pros and cons of what the two forms of media offer and also comparing the story lines.

Since I've somehow managed to go through life this far with never having to write a paper longer than 5 pages, I'm hoping to continue that. So what I'm asking from you all is ideas for how I could make this into a creative project rather than just a long paper. Additionally any ideas related to improving the topic would be appreciated.

I don't have a camera and no programing skills beyond the most basic level of BASIC, so I'm kinda stressing about how I can make this a project.


Steev said...

What about a short film that covers the portions of Andriods that Blade Runner leaves out?

That sounds pretty hard, but it's an idea.

Sean Dolinar said...

You've never wrote a paper longer than 5 pages?

Kevin said...

steev- I said I don't have a camera.

sean- Never have

Adam Johns said...

First off, you should only do a creative project because you actively want to; in the long run writing a longer paper will be easier than a creative project which doesn't particularly interest you. Creative projects are more work and more trouble, but that's fine (generally) for those who want to do them, because they're also their own reward. None of this is to say that you shouldn't do a creative project if you come up with an idea that motivates you, but _don't_ do it as a default

As far as the DADES vs. Bladerunner idea: thinking through a comparison between the two is probably a good way of getting ideas for an essay, but the purpose of an essay is to make an argument.

Prompts, of course, help to generate arguments, so here's a free one: "What is the significance of the character substitutions from DADES to Bladerunner? E.g., why is Luba Luft, an opera singer, replaced with a stripper?"

So you start out by noticing a difference, then ask what that question means, and that leads you into an argument.

Hopefully this will help out others who are thinking in terms of a critical essay...

Kevin said...

Thanks for the input. It's greatly appreciated.