Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Project Ideas - Need some refining

Ok, in my last formal blog post I discussed whether or not any book can actually be interactive in the purest sense of the definition. In Adam's comments he prompted me to think whether I would believe that any non human-human dialog could be interactive and he mentioned that there might be a possible project idea there. My key now is finding that idea, or the more specific essay prompt that I can gain from the blog entry/comments. Would "Can technologies provide a truly interactive form of narrative with humans?" be enough of a prompt for an essay? I want to be able to explore this a little bit, tying in some of the readings we've done (Joy, Lyotard) as well as some outside opinions. Any thoughts on a better (but related) question prompt for my essay and exploration, or any ideas on the topic as is are appreciated.

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Adam Johns said...

I think your prompt and your starting point are workable - the next step from there is to do some writing and outlining or something which will hopefully help you generate a thesis/argument. I'd suggest just doing some writing and maybe posting some of what you come up with.